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Daily Trip Plan

Day 1-2


Meet at a family owned hotel near the city center of Salta. After a long day of travel you can enjoy a shower, food, and refreshments.

Day 2 Sight-seeing in Salta. Salta is the capital city of the province. It is situated in one of the most fertile and scenic areas of this region. The Colonial architecture of the city is some of the best in the country.

Bike from Salta to Cln. Moldes. The route out of Salta is on highway 68 through beautiful countryside and small traditional villages with colonial main squares. We will stay at a B&B near the town of Colonel Moldes.

Cln. Moldes: 70km / 43mi

Day 3

Day 3

Day 4

ALEMANIA: 42km / 26mi

Bike from Cln. Moldes to Alemania. The biking route on this day will be gradually climbing with rolling hills. Toward the end of the day the road will follow a beautiful river called the Rio del las Conchas. The scenery includes lots of red rocks, tall mountains and blue sky. Alemania is an artisan village in an abandoned railroad town along the river. We stay at an artisan cheese farm B&B where you can taste home made cheese and local wines.

Bike from Alemania to Cafayate. Wake up and watch the sun light up the mountain sides before reaching the river valley. Visit local artisans in Alemania and then start the gradual climb through the Quebrada de Cafayate. Cafayate is our destination. The town, located in the center of the Calchaquí Valleys, is surrounded by rivers, sand dunes and vineyards. Spend the following day in Cafayate: Check out Cafayate and local attractions: wineries, shopping, artisans, golf or waterfall hiking.

Day 5 - 6

CAFAYATE: 88km / 54mi

Day 7-8

AMAICHA: 66km / 41mi

Bike from Cafayate to Quilmes or Amaicha de Valle. It’s an easy ride from Cafayate with the exception of some undulating hills toward the end of the day. We will stay in a B&B in Amaicha 1-night and then on the next day ride up to a mountain retreat (about 8km / 5mi from Amaicha de Valle) for the night and enjoy a traditional Argentine BBQ and an option to visit some ruins.

Day 9-10

TAFI DE VALLE: 43km / 26mi

Bike from our mountain retreat to Tafí de Valle. The first part of the day will be climbing to the summit at 3,040 m (10,000 feet). Because the pass is surrounded by mountains the pass looks deceivingly low. It’s not all up hill as there are a few spots where the road descends and then climbs again. We may arrive in Tafí de Valle by mid-afternoon and have time to check out the craft shops and local attractions. We will stay at a local hotel in Tafí del Valle or a home stay. The following day is a rest day for you to relax or go fishing, horseback riding, visit a cheese farm or explore on your own.

Day 11-12

Day 11-12

Day 11-12

YERBA BUENA: 116km / 72mi

Bike from Tafí del Valle to Yerba Buena. This is one of the most incredible downhill rides (about 55km / 34mi of downhill). We will descend from Tafí del Valle into the lush, low-lying areas near the City of San Miguel de Tucuman. The landscape will change from high alpine desert to lush green, forested areas. This will be our longest day of riding but well worth the effort. We will pass by some sugar cane processing plants, lemon orchards and other farms. We will travel on a quiet road that skirts the base of the mountain range we descended the day before. Tonight we will stay in Yerba Buena at a guest house owned by an adventure cyclist who biked the world for more than four years. It will be one of our last nights in Argentina so we will probably want to go out to eat and enjoy the Argentine cuisine.

For some of the group, this will be their departure day back home. Others will stay in Argentina for a few more days or weeks. Rick and our local hosts can help you with additional travel plans to Buenos Aires or other places of interest.


Day 13