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OnaVelo trips are high value bike travel experiences for adventurous travelers. OnaVelo specializes in local and international bike trips for individuals and groups of all ages 14+. Rick and his team have been planning and leading bike trips for groups since 2001 and know the ins-and-outs of international bike travel.

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OnaVelo trips are designed for people who are relatively fit and enjoy an active travel adventure. Join a trip on your own or with your partner or friends. A typical group size is up to 10 adults and one or two trip leaders. The daily trip plan and activities are adventurous and fun. The trip is all about enjoying the bike travel experience - we pack light, eat well, connect with the locals and stay at local guesthouses and BnB’s. Read more details about bike trips in Quebec, Argentina and Norway.

School and Youth Group Trips

School and group trips are offered through partnership with sponsoring organizations, schools, and youth groups for ages 14+.  Each trip is customized to fit your group. These trips include service learning and volunteer activities, team building, cultural appreciation and adventure travel. OnaVelo trips align with school curriculum and youth organization goals and awards.

OnaVelo trips allows students to take part in daily trip planning, engage with local communities, and raise their level of environmental and social awareness. Participants gain strength, confidence, and international perspective as they create memories that will last a lifetime.

Contact Rick to learn about creating a customized bike trip for your group to visit Quebec, Argentina or Norway.