What to Bring and How to Pack

​The packing lists below are guidelines. Please contact us if you have specific questions about what to bring or not bring. We want you to be prepared.

Keep in mind that you have to carry everything on your bicycle. OnaVelo will provide you with pannier bags before your trip departure or once you get to your trip starting point. To keep your personal items dry inside the panniers we suggest that you pack your personal items inside waterproof stuff sacks or dry bags. You can get waterproof stuff sacks or dry bags at an outdoor sports store or order online. You can pack your personal gear directly into the pannier bags for travel or pack in a duffle bag or suitcase and repack into the pannier bags once you get to the trip starting point.

There is no support vehicle on OnaVelo trips. 

Tips for Packing
Staying Warm and Keeping Cool: We recommend layering as the best way to stay warm and keep cool. Though we can’t guarantee perfect weather, we can guarantee that the sun may not always shine. To keep you protected from the elements and feeling cool on a hot day, always carry rain gear and start with a breathable synthetic shirt to layer under a vest, windbreaker, or fleece jacket. Avoid cotton fabrics while exercising–the absorbent qualities prevent wicking and insulate poorly when wet.

Biking Clothing: To ensure your comfort on the bike, it is important to wear the appropriate clothing. Padded shorts or cycling specific shorts are recommended to help prevent chafing and soreness after a long day in the saddle. As well, we encourage you to wear a cycling jersey or a breathable synthetic shirt. This will help wick moisture away from your skin and prevent you from becoming chilled or overheated.

Many people wonder if they should bring things like cycling gloves and cycling shoes. Gloves provide much-needed padding for your hands and will prevent them from getting sore and tired as the day goes on. Cycling shoes that come with cleats and special pedals should only be used if you have been riding with them on a regular basis and are comfortable using them on long riding days. We encourage you to take the time to learn how to ride with them before using them on your trip.

Evening  Clothing: The evening activities on these trips are generally very casual. Bring something to wear in the evening that is not biking clothing. 

Gear provided by OnaVelo

  • Bicycle

  • Panniers for carrying your personal items while on the bike trip

  • Other necessary tools and equipment for bicycle maintenance

Suggested Packing Lists for Upcoming Bike Packing Tours

(Click on the links below to download the suggested packing list for your trip)

Quebec 5-day



Suggested Packing Lists for Upcoming Bike Packing Tours

(Click on the links below to download the suggested packing list for your trip)

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