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Bike Travel / Bike Packing

OnaVelo trips are slotted somewhere between the extremes of do-it-yourself bike packing and high-end bike touring adventures that practically pedal the bike for you. There is no support vehicle. Each day is a new adventure.

Rick and his team will take care of all the details including the bicycles and gear, guides and safety, local activities, route planning, food and snacks, accommodations as well as helping you with getting to and from the destination.

For many people, this will be their first bike travel experience. OnaVelo trips are designed for people who are relatively fit and enjoy an active travel adventure.

About the bikes

We have a variety of bikes for this bike packing tour. The basic idea is to have a go-anywhere bike where simplicity, durability, and efficiency is preferred. We use basic hardtail or fully rigid hybrid touring bikes and mountain bikes. For the most part, we are biking on lesser-traveled paved roads. There are some potions of the route on gravel and dirt. Our trips are a blend of bike packing and classic bike touring. You will have a sense of freedom by carrying your own gear on a multi-day self-supported adventure, with the objective to see the sights along the route at a leisurely pace.

Carrying your gear

We use ARKEL XM-45 bikepacking panniers.  The XM-45’s offer ample heel clearance which is essential for adventure bikes and mountain bikes. The XM-45’s are essentially top-loading bags (as opposed to front-loading on typical touring panniers). Open the hood and stuff all your things in the huge main compartment, you will be amazed how much those bags will gobble up. Although the carrying volume is considerable, the XM-45’s have a profile much slimmer than regular touring bags.

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