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Bike Trip inspired by years of experience

I was initially drawn to northern Argentina when Tanya and I cycled there on our 2-year bike trip around the world from 1998-2000. We have been going back almost every year since then. It is definitely one of my favorite places to travel by bicycle – great riding, wonderful people, awesome food and wine, and beautiful landscapes. It is incredible. Join the ride!



Feb 28-Mar 12, 2021

Trip START Date | Salta, Argentina,  Sunday, February 28, 2020

Trip END Date | San Miguel de Tucuman, Friday, March 12, 2020

466km | 290mi


Trip Cost: CAD$2,850 | 13 days/12nights

  • 12 nights accommodation (no camping)

  • All group meals (drinks on your own)

  • 7 days biking

  • Sightseeing (rest days) in Salta, Cafayate, Tafi de Valle, and Yerba Buena

  • Use of bicycles and packs

  • Travel coordination to/from Argentina

The cost of the trip is based on shared rooms. Private rooms are available in most places we stay for an additional cost. However, room options are somewhat limited and based on our group size and other factors.

"My wife and I are avid cycle tourists and we have had the pleasure of joining Rick on two separate international bike tours; one in Argentina and one in Norway.  Both experiences were exceptional.   Rick provided all of the professional guiding experience, support and technical knowledge that we needed to have safe yet adventurous trips.  We expected this professionalism and we were not disappointed.  But what set Rick’s tours apart from other tours we’ve been on were Rick’s local contacts and the amazing experiences we had with them.  Through Rick, we’ve been greeted by the mayor of Tromso, Norway, stayed overnight in a soccer stadium run by a true Viking, played guitar with a larger-than-life baritone Argentinian, camped under the stars in an Andes mountain trout farm, and stayed in countless friends’ homes throughout Norway and Argentina.  And the new friendships that developed from these experiences have endured, giving us the opportunity to return for visits in the future.  Rick opens doors through his unique enthusiasm for biking and his calm and supportive approach to people and friends.  If you have the opportunity to travel somewhere with Rick, I highly recommend you take it."       
Tom Evans: Calgary, Alberta 2018

Visit Argentina in its purest form, unyoked from the rituals of mass tourism. Spend two weeks experiencing the cuisine, culture and breathtaking scenery of northern Argentina from the seat of a bike.

Beginning in the city of Salta, Argentina’s most stunning colonial city you will cycle on lesser-traveled paved roads winding through canyons, a cluster of vineyards, Andes mountain landscapes, and wild rivers.

  • Exploring Spanish tradition and culture in the local art and architecture.

  • Going back in time among the ruins of indigenous villages dating back to the time of the Conquest and Colonization.

  • Visiting local artisans.

  • Practicing your Spanish while shopping for regional delicacies.

This route has been developed over the past 19 years and it keeps getting better. We stay in boutique hotels and guesthouses and we bike to a new destination every day except rest days. This route offers opportunities to go on winery tours, play golf, go hiking or canyoning or just sit by a pool and relax after a good day of biking.


Rick and his team will take care of all the details including the bicycles and gear, guides and safety, local activities, route planning, food and snacks, accommodations as well as helping you with getting to and from Argentina.


Traveling by bicycle can be challenging. This trip is for you if you are relatively fit and are comfortable with riding undulating terrain with some bigger hills. You like to ride your bike on vacation, but not every day. You can ride an average of 40mi/65km and up to 55mi/90km on a long day.

We have a variety of bikes for this bike packing tour. The basic idea is to have a go-anywhere bike where simplicity, durability, and efficiency is preferred. We use basic hardtail or fully rigid hybrid touring bikes and mountain bikes. For the most part, we are biking on lesser-traveled paved roads. There are some potions of the route on gravel and dirt. Our trips are a blend of bike packing and classic bike touring. You will have a sense of freedom by carrying your own gear on a multi-day self-supported adventure, with the objective to see the sights along the route at a leisurely pace.


Carrying your gear

We use ARKEL XM-45 bikepacking panniers.  The XM-45’s offer ample heel clearance which is essential for adventure bikes and mountain bikes. The XM-45’s are essentially top-loading bags (as opposed to front-loading on typical touring panniers). Open the hood and stuff all your things in the huge main compartment, you will be amazed how much those bags will gobble up. Although the carrying volume is considerable, the XM-45’s have a profile much slimmer than regular touring bags.

Note from Rick: I let everybody set their own pace. I give directions every morning for check-in points along the way and let people go at their own speed. Most of the time the groups end up riding together for the most part. Faster riders can enjoy riding fast, slower riders can enjoy riding slower. I usually end up in the rear and take in the sights and enjoy the ride. I guess my average speed might be around 10 to 15 mph. For me, it is more about total time on the bike for the day.


Rick says this is one of his favorite places to bicycle travel. Don't you want to know why? It's no secret that Rick likes to ride his bike, enjoy good company, eat steak and drink wine.

DAY-to-DAY SCHEDULE (Click on selected days to expand for more detail)

Day 1
| Sunday, Feb 28, 2021 | Getting to Argentina

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| Monday, Mar 1 | Getting Ready Salta City Tour

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Day 2
Day 3
| Tuesday, Mar 2| Salta to Colonel Moldes

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| Wednesday, Mar 3| Colonel Moldes to Alemania

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Day 4
Day 5
| Thursday, Mar 4 | Alemania to Cafayate

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Day 6
| Friday, Mar 5| Rest day in Cafayate

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| Saturday, Mar 6 | Cafayate to Santa Maria

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Day 7
Day 8
| Sunday, Mar 7 | Santa Maria to Salas

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| Monday, Mar 8 | Salas to Tafi de Valle

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Day 9
| Tuesday, Mar 9 | Rest day to explore Tafi de Valle

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Day 10
| Wednesday, Mar 10 | Tafi de Valle to Yerba Buena

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Day 11
| Thursday, Mar 11 | Yerba Buena

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Day 12
Day 13
| Friday, Mar 12 | Yerba Buena

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Calgary, Alberta


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