OnaVelo is a new venture with some tried and true experience. Rick and Tanya McFerrin are back from their second bike trip around the world and bring 25 plus years of experience to OnaVelo -  doing what they love to do. OnaVelo is the (r)evolution of Two Wheel View - the youth development organization they founded in 2001. OnaVelo focuses on taking adventurous travelers on bike trips to some of their favorite international destinations.






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Rick and Tanya McFerrin turned their passion for bike travel into a business in 2000 after taking a two-year round-the-world cycling adventure. The experience opened their eyes and changed their view about many things.

Lifetime adventurers and avid bikers, the draw of learning by doing has proven inextinguishable. They were both bitten by the bicycling bug when they toured through New Zealand in 1993. Soon thereafter, they set their sights on an around-the-world bike tour. Rick recounts stories of hiding from the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, getting caught in a monsoon in Belize, and biking through summits of the Andes. From 1998 through 2000, Rick and Tanya traveled around the world by bicycle to realize a shared dream. They pedaled over 24,000km through 43 countries. In 2010 they returned from a 14 month, 14,000km bike trip from Calgary to Mexico City and back with their three boys that were 4, 6, and 8 years old. Most recently in 2017-2018 they completed another 13-month round-the-world bike trip through parts of Scandinavia, the Baltics, Eastern Europe, India, SE Asia and Japan with their teen-aged boys. Click here to download their Blog to Book PDF. (Large file 245 MB)


Their experiences and perspectives on the world, as seen from the seat of a bike, created the basis for OnaVelo and the charitable organization they founded to “change kids’ lives from the seat of a bike” called Two Wheel View.  The passion and vision of OnaVelo is captured in their personal connection to international travel and community building and their continued efforts to provide opportunities for adventurous bike travel.